Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Need to let it out

'Sekali aja tolongin mama kamu, biar dia bisa kondangan di Jakarta', Her.

Nyah. For god sake.
Itu buat kepentingan pribadi lo, seinget gue.

I told you, gue ga punya duit. I have budget. I have list dan kondangan ga masuk disitu.
Please, ngerti kek.
It hurts my ego too kali, tapi gue musti realistis. My parent need medication and that's where my money goes lately.

I don't fucking care about wedding reception. I don't.

So, just shut up. I won't flew my mom just to accompany you to go to stupid wedding reception, I don't even think my mom really know the bride and groom.

Sigh. Please put this in mind 'your day is over, stop bossing'
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