Senin, 10 Desember 2012

turn to right, double.

The most secured place for me is the bath room.
I'll go naked for the fuck I want and no-one to judge.

Masturbate as you please.
Staring at the plain wall and bring your self out of dimensions.
Having a mental conversation with the alters or even the spiders on the dark corner of the sink.

Remembrance. Embrace and gather memories, pick one or two, accompanied the mesmerized melody of falling water from the tap flowing to the bath.
Favorite scents.

You can touch all parts of your body and no one would raise one of the over arched eyebrows.
No one would questions the amount of time you waste by silently sitting , swearing at your life over the toilet seat.

The best feeling is, every time I go out from the bathroom, I feel brand new.
I washed all of the dirts and germs, shaking off 'the left overs' I got from strangers, disgusting pats from the rivals, evil and suspicious, judging looks from the bosses, world.
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