Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

H & F part 2 (Broken Hearted)

One night

Another damp night in a beautiful swamp near the Sahara desert

The hippo proposed the flamingo to settle down , "would you stay with me, love? , Because I dont think I can bear another night without you"

With a sad look in her eyes , the flamingo throw her gaze at the far horizons

"Oh dear," begged the hippo, "Oh dear," the hippo cried, "take me away with you, please... "

And that brings a flick of laughter in Flamingo eyes, a trickle of tear fell down from her eyes

"Darling, I will be missing you", answer the flamingo, ended the conversation


Thats the begin of the hippo gaining weight, because of depression

broken hearted hippo, ate and ate and ate

now the hippo weighed 3000 pound appproximately




Hippo'nya patah hati, tapi lebih serem lagi kalo hippo terbang kan?


I think I am gonna start to draw icon Hippo & Flamingo for my series

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