Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Hippo & Flammy

Ini kisah Hippo yang jatuh cinta dengan Flamingo.
Flamingo ga suka terbang tinggi, but yeah she likes flying away once a while
And the hippo would staring at the high grey sky, waiting for her to return
And sometimes in starry nights
She flew back from her adventurous journey's
Spread the beautiful wings, and shyly approaches the lonesome hippo
With grace she'll bow and lower her head to kissed hippo's temple
"Hey, Lover ", She said
"How do you do?",She asked
 And the lonesome hippo would answer, 'Ya gini deh, berkubang dan kangen gilak"
hippo yang ga romantis. huh.
Nulis fable ternyata seru juga ya. Lanjutin ah, Hippo & Flamingo.

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