Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Kamis, 8 Des 2011

Why the hell, I keep updating my twitter if I misses somebody, while I can tell them directly.
Maybe Lulu is right, we're too much self exposing our life on that so called "Social" media which not so social.

Kangen blogging panjang.
Ga sekedar short liners.


Gue udah mulai latihan di fitness center, semoga ga warm warm chicken shit. I wish I can fulfill my 100HariOlahraga in this 4mo of my membership.

I am not expecting much, I just want to be healthier and yeah losing a few kilos would be nice. Hehe.
Gue terintimidasi sama ibu2 di tempat gym yang sangat lentur. Damn. I want that.

So. Today is gonna be my 3rd day of my resolution. Let's roll it ouuuut.

Have a blessed day, people. =)

Ps. Horeee. Minut ngutang bayarin nonton Arisan 2. Hihi. Next week!
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