Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

(Repost) Love

Bc        : "If there is a monster. Just run, don't look back, and don't stop. Run from autumn till spring.  I don't want you to be so cocky. Just run, ok?"

Bb       : "ok, Hun"

Bc        : "Don't forget to Bel Delete Rating your shots. Put those on orders; put the title, date and everything necessary. Do it A.S.A.P. Do not postponed it. Make sure the cam is empty every time you finished the routine. So you won't be confused which picture you have saved and which one is the new taken. What?... Are you going to give me that look?"

Bb       : "hahahaha, what look? It is a look of love, Hun. I really do appreciate every attention you gave me. I do feel so grateful to have you as my partner. You are a good lover and a good manager. I love you. Now, come here give me a big hug and a tasteful kiss"

Bb       : " I love you too. I am gonna miss you, clumsy. Don't get killed ya?"

Bc        : " Ok, I won't kill anyone, including me self. Miss you already…You behave , 'kay? I will call you every evening around 7, that's the only time they give me to breathe. So, please make sure the line is for me. Only me. Promise? "

Bb       : "well done"

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